Build A Log Bed Easily and Economically!

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“You deserve a log bed that is beautiful, sturdy and won’t cost you an arm and a leg.  You can show off the log bed that you made yourself… Impossible?  Not if you get your hands on this easy to follow guide!” 

William McWilliams
Saturday 3:04 PM

Dear Friend,

Have you ever wanted a log bed but could not afford the high prices? Now you can easily and economically build your own log bed with plans from!

Log bed construction is one of the easiest methods of construction. If you can handle a saw and hammer you can build a log bed!

Our exclusive log bed plans are designed in such a way that virtually anyone can build a log bed problem-free, and that’s guaranteed!

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  • Step-by-step instructions with thorough details.

  • 5 Clear to scale drawings and schematics to help you visually piece together your log bed.

  • Complete material list so you know exactly what you need.

  • A full listing of all the necessary tools needed to properly build the log bed.

  • Complementary and comprehensive time saving tips to keep you organized throughout the build-up

  • Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!


These log bed plans are designed so that you can build the log bed for any size mattress from twin to king

Expensive tools are not required, in fact you can build a log bed with only a saw, hammer, drill and drawknife (or sharp chisel). 

I proudly stand behind the accuracy and quality of the log bed plans so I happily extend a 1-YEAR Money Back Guarantee on all log bed plan purchases.

It’s really easy to get a copy. The plans are in electronic Adobe PDF format that downloads in seconds right to your computer. You can read them right off the screen or print them out.

So why not order them now, just click on the link below and you will have your plans in about 3 minutes.

Warm Regards,

William McWilliams

Log Bed Plans – Download Now Only $47